Corona Virus Pandemic: Its Effects and Recovery Strategies.
23-24/ March/2022
ISSN: 2072-8867
A joint Conference Between Zarqa University - Jordan & An-Najah National University - Palestine

Conference Venue: Zarqa University

عاجل جدول أعمال المؤتمر الدولي في الاقتصاد والعلوم الادارية

Conference Idea

The world has witnessed rapid developments in light of the Corona pandemic, which cast heavy shadows on all areas of economic, social, financial and other life... The health and living conditions imposed on us by the Corona pandemic and its repercussions and profound effects, whether on the global economy or the economies of the countries of the region alike, and the extent of their financial and monetary stability All of this puts all of us, individuals, peoples and governments, in front of unprecedented challenges

Hence the idea of the thirteenth conference of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences / Zarqa University and the importance of holding such conferences and scientific events as stations for discussion, brainstorming and exchanging views and experiences on issues related to the economy in light of this pandemic in order to come up with solutions and perceptions that contribute to limiting its effects by setting up Strategies and perceptions of recovery and mitigating its severity and impact on all aspects of life in its various economic, monetary, financial and other dimensions.

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All accepted papers will be published in Scopus proceeding.



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