Corona Virus Pandemic: Its Effects and Recovery Strategies.
23-24/ March/2022
ISSN: 2072-8867
A joint Conference Between Zarqa University - Jordan & An-Najah National University - Palestine

Conference Venue: Zarqa University

عاجل جدول أعمال المؤتمر الدولي في الاقتصاد والعلوم الادارية

Conference Preparatory Committee

Chair    Prof. Zakaria Azzam
Vice-Chair    Dr. Saed Al-Koni
Co-Chair     Prof. Allam Hamdan
Co-Chair    Prof. Abdel Nasser Nour
Co-Chair    Dr. Iyad Khanfar
Member    Prof. Mansour Al-Saida
Member    Prof. Marwa Ahmad
Member    Prof. Khalil Al-Refai
Member    Prof. Ibrahim Khreis
Member    Prof. Tareq Mobaideen
Member    Prof. Saad Bani-Mohammad
Member    Dr. Abdalmutaleb Sartawi
Member    Dr. Abdallah Al-shibli
Member    Dr. Sam Al-Fuqaha
Member    Dr. Islam Abdeljawad
Member    Dr. Abdul Karim Sarhan
Member    Dr. Abdul Karim Ayoub
Member    Dr. Abdul Rahman Ismail
Member    Dr. Nidal Abbas
Member    Dr. Youssef Shahwan
Member    Dr. Abdel Halim Gubran
Member    Dr. Yahya Al-Khasawneh
Member    Mr. Muneer Al-Bourini
Member    Mrs. Amal Al-Tarawneh
Public Relations Manager    Omar Albalawi
Conference Secretary    Yasmeen Sabah

Contact us

Tel:0096253821100 ext 4400,4401

All accepted papers will be published in Scopus proceeding.



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