Corona Virus Pandemic: Its Effects and Recovery Strategies.
23-24/ March/2022
ISSN: 2072-8867
A joint Conference Between Zarqa University - Jordan & An-Najah National University - Palestine

Conference Venue: Zarqa University

عاجل جدول أعمال المؤتمر الدولي في الاقتصاد والعلوم الادارية

Conference Topics

1- Digital transformation and its role in recovering from the effects of the Corona pandemic:
•    The future of investment in information technology
•    Remote work during corona pandemic
•    Electronic supply chain management
•    Accounting control and audit
•    Transformation in information systems
•    Banks and digital currency
•    Entrepreneurship and the Corona pandemic

2- Sustainability, justice, and equality policies after the Corona experience:
•    Governance
•    Social Responsibility
•    The impact of the Corona pandemic on fiscal policy and income distribution
•    Challenges faced by the economy at the levels of employment and employment
•    The social and psychological aspects of the pandemic
•    The role of accounting thought in managing the effects of the Corona pandemic
•    Challenges of Islamic finance during the pandemic

3- E-commerce:
•    Digital Marketing
•    logistics systems
•    Competitive Marketing Strategies
•    Changing consumer behavior patterns during  Corona pandemic

4- Strategic management  during Corona pandemic:
•    Human and intellectual capital
•    Administrative challenges and problems
•    Crisis management and survival strategies

5- Communication and its role in facing  and recovering from the pandemic
•    Radio and TV programs
•    Communication strategies in government institutions
•    Employing digital media
•    Communication networking between institutions
•    Psychological and social effects of media

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